Esheet -- A spreadsheet module for emacs.
Selected strengths of Esheet:
  • Powerful formulas -- Nearly as strong as Lisp, which is also available
  • Extensibility -- Just define new formula commands as new e-Lisp function.
  • General cell-reference support -- refer to cells by relative or absolute location, or combinations thereof
Esheet runs under both GNU Emacs and XEmacs. The XEmacs support is older, more reliable, and has a few added features (e.g. mouse support), but both work for most purposes.
Esheet screenshots:
You can Download it
You might want to look at the documentation. It tends to lag a little behind, but I'll try to keep it up to date. (I would welcome someone taking it over ;)).
Or you might want to look at an example sheet showing some use of formulas.
Esheet was written by Daniel Speyer. Please contact me with bug reports, suggestions, blocks of code, questions, complaints, flames, award notifications, or whatever else you feal like writing to me about.
View Esheet's page.